I AM MAGNIFICENT Gemstone Bracelet
I AM MAGNIFICENT Gemstone Bracelet
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I AM MAGNIFICENT Gemstone Bracelet

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Orbiting around your wrist, our Touchstone bracelets feature mystical stones that possess protective and healing powers to supercharge your frequency. Birthed from the earth and shaped into smooth and faceted beads, each bracelet is distinctively unique, just as you are. Worn on your pulse point, your gentle vibrations activate the potent vitality of the stones/crystals, enabling you to clear, amplify and raise your energy by absorbing their positive properties. Each bracelet is named after a mantra that responds to the liberating potential of the carefully considered combination of stones, aligning your specific needs with their magnetic mix. Wear yours with intent. Beyond its beauty, you will be enchanted by the alchemy it unleashes.


Vibration: as a motivating cleansing stone that promotes a deep sense of clarity in your life, it enhances and amplifies your energy and intentions.


Vibration: assisting in opening your psychic abilities and intuition, this powerful healer can soothe you both energetically and emotionally. It rewards deep contemplation with the gifts of wisdom and spirituality.


Vibration: bringing optimism and personal power, it instils confidence, self-worth and courage. With its grounding qualities, its protective vision helps you act from a place of logic and reason.


Vibration: connecting you to your inner voice and free-flowing expression, it deepens self-awareness and arouses dream recall to help you let go and clear pathways towards new thoughts and experiences.


Vibration: bringer of joyful energy, it strengthens your connection to your guardian angel (or to any medium you use for guidance and support). It is especially beneficial when dealing with difficult or emotional situations.


Vibration: awakening the divine feminine, it calms emotions and supports self-expression. Facilitating clear communication, it encourages you to listen to your heart.

  • Quartz Crystal, Kyanite, Seraphinite, Golden Eye, Amethyst, Aquamarine

  • Golden poly thread

  • Lenght approx 18cm

  • Every stone is unique and chosen for its individual beauty, and might vary slightly from the image
  • Handcrafted in Australia