Collection: AMOR


Inspired by wanderings in Roma, where female deities and heroines portrayed in vaulted Baroque ceilings and within the storied shadows of Caravaggio paintings wield their courage and seductive charm, the AMOR collection manifests the power of love. Solid Labradorite heart necklaces slung on goat skin leather blast genteel lockets to the stratosphere, whilst the shimmer of chunky yet lightweight chain earrings, necklaces and bracelets harness voltages of inner strength.The terracotta and ochre shades of Rome’s ancient labyrinths orbit necklines and radiate from fingers via bursts of Kyanite, Agate and Sunstone, plus the golden iridescence of African Opals.


Brave and brazen, tender and tactile, the AMOR collection celebrates the complexities of love, above all else stirring awakenings of the heart.

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