I AM CURIOUS Gemstone Bracelet
I AM CURIOUS Gemstone Bracelet
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I AM CURIOUS Gemstone Bracelet

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Orbiting around your wrist, our Touchstone bracelets feature mystical stones that possess protective and healing powers to supercharge your frequency. Birthed from the earth and shaped into smooth and faceted beads, each bracelet is distinctively unique, just as you are. Worn on your pulse point, your gentle vibrations activate the potent vitality of the stones/crystals, enabling you to clear, amplify and raise your energy by absorbing their positive properties. Each bracelet is named after a mantra that responds to the liberating potential of the carefully considered combination of stones, aligning your specific needs with their magnetic mix. Wear yours with intent. Beyond its beauty, you will be enchanted by the alchemy it unleashes.


Vibration: awakening the divine feminine, it calms emotions and supports self-expression. Facilitating clear communication, it encourages you to listen to your heart.


Vibration: aligning you to your life’s purpose and encouraging you to follow your path with strength and courage, it assists in finding the divine truth in things.


Vibration: attracting good luck, its protective qualities also keep you from harm. Counteracting impulsivity by soothing the mind, it stabilises your personality, promotes self-sufficiency, and releases negative thoughts.


Vibration: as a motivating cleansing stone that promotes a deep sense of clarity in your life, it enhances and amplifies your energy and intentions.


Vibration: heralded as a spiritual detoxifier, it possesses the ability to transform negativity into positive energy. Boosting mental clarity and promoting peace of mind, it establishes a sense of balance and harmony.


Vibration: enhancing a deep connection to Mother Earth’s healing energy, it’s a conduit to nature, instilling deep tranquillity and rejuvenation within. Highly protective, its grounding force helps dissolve fear and anxiety.


Vibration: enhancing the feeling of safety and stability, this truth seeking volcanic stone clears negative energy and helps muster courage when needed.

  • Flourite, Lime Jade, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, Golden Obsidian

  • Black poly thread

  • Lenght approx 18cm

  • Every stone is unique and chosen for its individual beauty, and might vary slightly from the image
  • Handcrafted in Australia