Kattegat Amber Necklace

Kattegat Amber Necklace


Amber was once part of ancient trees immune systems, as it is actually fossilised resin from the wounded areas of trees, that once grew where the oceans known as Kattegat, Skagerak and the Baltic Sea now rule.

Amber might have healing properties, but the ancient Scandinavians wore these glowing gems , often engraved with secret signs and spirit animal, as amulets to ward of the dangers of life. The Pigna Kattegat Amber necklace is designed with these myths in mind. While the dangers are different, we still need reassurance and a sense of protection to feel empowered to follow our hearts desires. Designed to echo the Nordic tribes, the necklace is strung with 15 pieces of facetted glowing amber, suspended from a string of tiny golden rings acting like a light amor.

In line with Pigna’s design philosophy of letting the natural materials do the talking, this necklace will sit on your collarbone reminding you that you’re feel free to express yourself.

  • Baltic faceted amber

  • 18 ct gold-plated silver

  • Length 38 cm

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