Ocean Jasper Medallion Necklace

Ocean Jasper Medallion Necklace


The Solar Ocean Jasper medallion comes in a myriad of swirling planetary shades. Resonating the healing qualities of the sea, these crystals, found only in Madagascar, work through your solar plexus chakra, enhancing your personal power. Each disc – encased in gold – rests near your heart, nurturing optimism.

Realise your self worth with each gentle tinkle of the golden disc fluttering beside the patterned medallion – each as unique as its wearer. Hung on a heavy silver chain, it can be layered with other necklaces such as the Cosmos Neck Ring.

  • Ocean Jasper disk set in 18ct gold plated brass
  • Sterling silver chain
  • Chain length: 47 cm
  • 18 ct gold plated disk. Diameter 15 mm
  • The colours might vary depending on your screen

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