Arethusa Silver Studded Pearl Earrings

Arethusa Silver Studded Pearl Earrings


Pearls are coming out of their shells. Fluttering from the ear like a delicate swallow, this coral-like form is coated in a natural luminous veneer. Silver studs add a contemporary edge to remix its classic connotation. Stop waiting in the wings, these drop earrings are set to make hearts a-flutter.

Linked to nautical endevaours, the swallow triumphs over adversity and was said to lift sailors’ souls to heaven. Mischievous water nymphs, on the other hand, lured sailors to their death with their seductive song. What’s your siren call?

  • Sterling silver fittings and studs

  • Each pair are totally unique, like nature intended

  • Left earring length approx. 60 mm

  • Right earring length approx. 50mm

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