Kattegat Amber Hoops

Kattegat Amber Hoops


Amber, originating from Scandinavia was known as 'the gold of the North’ and was traded with ancient civilisations far and beyond. As these glowing amber gems ended up in the hands of the Greeks, it was discovered that when rubbed against cloth, amber produced sparks. This force was given the name ‘electricity’ after the Greek word ‘electron’, which means amber, making it a source of electricity 2500 years before electricity was actually discovered.

The interplay of natural light seen in amber is both soothing and stirring, and while its known to protect and heal, amber will light you up. The Pigna Kattegat Amber hoops are beautifully faceted Baltic Amber pieces suspended with a loop of tiny rings on a a larger golden hoop, giving them a Nordic tribal edge. Easy and light to wear, these earrings are an electrifying addition to your lobes that will be sure to supercharge your look.

  • Faceted Baltic Amber

  • 18 ct gold plated silver

  • Hoop diameter is 3cm

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