Agate Disk earrings

Agate Disk earrings


Featured heavily in the Bassike PC18 Campaign, these Agate disk earrings are a perfect example of Pigna’s philosophy of letting natures beautiful materials do the talking. The gold dot simply punctuate their translucent lustre. Nothing else is needed.

Agate vibrates on a lower gentle frequency. Radiating a soft strength to ground the spirit bringing harmony to all aspects of the being, physical, spiritual and emotional. Surprisingly light and expertly cut from agate into thin polished curved disks, these sleek elegant earrings will reflect and protect. Show them off by pulling your hair to one side.

Agate is a natural material and while the image is a close description of your earrings, there could be variations, such as subtle signature bands.  

  • Agate disk diameter approx 40 mm

  • 18 ct gold plated silver

  • The stones in these earrings are hand cut Onyx and Agate.

    Due to their fineness they are fragile and extra care must be taken when handling. Dropping on a hard surface can cause breakage.

    We urge you to please look after these special handmade pieces.

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