Our need to see and possess glowing jewels is as intrinsic to what we are as to who we are. Every age is the Stone Age.

Pigna jewels appeal to adventurous women with an indelible sense of self fueled by a rebellious spirit. Each piece embodies a visceral potency and soulfulness. Hand crafted designs showcase nature’s precious and semi-precious stones, crystals and pearls (both Tahitian and Freshwater) cradled in Sterling silver and 24-carat gold plated silver or brass to rock a feminine boldness of bountiful proportion.

Founded by Kristina Ammitzboll in Sydney in 2014, the story began many years ago in Copenhagen, where she grew up. Childhood memories, adventure, nature, folklore, astrology, mysticism and spirituality inspire her designs. She was greatly influenced by her grandfather’s vast mineral collection and his love for shimmering rocks, and regularly escaped to his vast library. Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ still remains her favourite book.

“For me, the most memorable scene is when the expedition arrives in the glittering gem cave. “It’s a place I often go to in my mind, a place of retreat, a sanctuary.”

Eponymously named after the Latin word for ‘pine cone’ – which, since ancient times, has been a symbol of strength, resilience and regeneration – each precious and purposeful Pigna piece possesses powerful and reinvigorating energy. When the ancient Greeks named the gland at the geometric centre of our brain they called it the ‘pineal gland,’ ­the organ considered by the mystics to be ‘the seat of our soul.’