Pigna - the pine cone. A symbol of regeneration in many cultures, since ancient times. Tough and durable, the pine cone is synonymous with strength and resilience. When the ancient Greeks named the gland at the geometric centre of our brain - the gland that is considered by the mystics to be ‘the seat of our soul’ - they called it the ‘pineal gland’, after the pine cone.

PIGNA jewellery, the creation of Kristina Ammitzboll, carries the same strength and soulfulness. Kristina uses nature’s precious and semi-precious stones, black pearls, sterling silver and 24kt gold plated silver and brass to create designs that are personal to the wearer.

Her love for precious stones and their colour translates into optimism, bringing energy and empowerment to each piece of PIGNA jewellery. Kristina hopes her designs have a function beyond adornment where the wearer can make them their own talisman, ensuring good luck and protection.

Embracing both optimism and darkness, there is boldness expressed in the jewellery that will attract women who are a little fearless and ready for life. Women who know themselves.

PIGNA was founded by Kristina in Sydney in 2014 but the story started many years ago in Copenhagen, where Kristina grew up. Childhood memories, adventure, nature, storytelling and spirituality inspire her designs.

Kristina was greatly influenced by her grandfather’s vast mineral collection and his love for glittering rocks. She visited his library - a wealth of information and storytelling. Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ was Kristina’s favourite book.

“For me, the most memorable scene is when the expedition arrives in the glittering gem cave. “It’s a place I often go to in my mind, a place of retreat, a sanctuary.”